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New LG OLED TVs Announced at CES 2021

lg oled tvs 2021

With their usually stunning booth design, wild concept products, and actual product announcements, we’ve come to expect quite a show from LG at CES each year. And while we are missing the in-person experience in 2021, we’re still excited by the new LG OLED TVs announced this year.

LG “OLED Evo” Technology

LG First up, a promising refinement to the highly-regarded lineup of LG OLED TVs. LG has undoubtedly been the industry leader in OLED TVs, and it’s no surprise why. Their OLED models all offer stunning product design and arguably the best overall picture you can get in a consumer video display. For 2021, LG is addressing one of the main shortcomings of OLED TVs: peak brightness. 

lg oled tvs 2021

While they’re known for their amazing overall contrast levels and truck black levels. OLED TVs generally can’t get as bright as a high-end LED TV. That can lead to less-than-perfect HDR performance, and also makes OLEDs more difficult to view in a room with high ambient light. LG hopes to remedy this with their new “OLED Evo” panels, which are said to offer a significant bump in maximum brightness. These new panels will be used in the G1 series of LG OLED TVs, which will be available in 55, 65, and 77-inch sizes.


If peak brightness isn’t top on your list of requirements, but resolution is, then you’ll need to check out the LG Z1 OLED TVs. The Z1 series is the update to last year’s ZX 8K OLED TV models. Available in 77 and 88-inch models, the size and resolution aren’t the only massive figures—expect the Z1 to cost a pretty penny. At the time of this writing, the 77-inch version of last year’s LG 8K OLEDs costs $20,000, while the larger display will set you back $30,000; we expect Z1 models to be priced similarly.

LG C1 and A1 OLED TV Lineups

OLED TVs have always been significantly more expensive than comparable LED models, and that’s especially true of the flagship models. But the prices become a little more palatable if you spring for a less-loaded model. If you’re content with the already-established (and still quite amazing) picture quality of a non-Evo 4K LG OLED TV, the C1 or A1 lineups will be a better choice. The updates to 2020’s C and B series, respectively, the new C1 and A1 lineup are the brands workhorse TVs. You’ll still get the same non-Evo panel that has proven itself in the millions of LG OLED TVs sold, powered by a new version of the company’s Alpha9 or Alpha7 processor. And the announcement of an upcoming 42-inch model, which would be the smallest LG OLED TV yet, puts the technology within closer reach for those on a slim budget. We’re hoping for an MSRP of under $1000.

Select models of the G1, C1, and A1 series of LG OLED TVs will offer the sleek “Gallery Stand” as an option.

The LG CX OLED TVs were a big hit with gamers last year—and our pick for the best TV for next-gen gaming consoles—thanks to a whole slew of gaming-specific optimizations. That popularity should continue this year, with the C1 lineup featuring G-Sync/FreeSync support, Variable Refresh Rate, Auto Low Latency Mode, and 4k/120hz compatibility on all four HDMI inputs. And a new “Game Optimizer” mode automatically recognizes the type of game being played, then adjust key TV settings to offer the best gaming experience.

Additionally, all 2021 LG OLED TVs will have built-in cloud gaming features. Subscribers to Google Stadia or Nvidia GeForce Now can cloud game directly on their TV, with no additional equipment needed (aside from a gaming controller).

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