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Yesterday, Apple announced their line of brand new iMacs. This latest refresh keeps the screen size the same, but you are getting much more for your money. Every iMac comes standard with a dedicated graphics processor with up to 1GB of video ram.  This is a big upgrade that allows users to get a better experience out of photos and videos.

Along with having better video cards, the new 27″ iMacs allow you to add a SSD (solid state drive) and have dual hard drives in the computer.  This is a dramatic increase in the speed of the computer, allowing you to install programs on the SSD and have programs open up much quicker.

Perhaps the biggest improvement is that all of the processors have been upgraded to include either the Core i3, i5, or i7 processor, eliminating the old but long lasting Core 2 Duo.

Another huge change is the introduction of the Magic Trackpad.  This is the first multitouch trackpad designed to work with the new iMacs.  It works similarly to the trackpad in a notebook computer.

Abt will be selling all the standard Apple models, along with several configured models with upgraded memory and hard drives.  Keep a watch for the new models to pop up online in the next few days.

-Rob C.

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