New Innovative Refrigerators From Miele

Miele, the Gütersloh, Germany-based appliance manufacturer, has become a significant presence in the American market in recent years. The company’s line of kitchen appliances consists of cooktops, ovens, ventilation hoods, coffee systems, and dishwashers, but recently Miele released its first line of refrigerators, the “Independence Series,” and Abt has one on display in our showroom.

Abt was chosen by Miele to help gauge customer reaction to its new refrigerator line. “The response has been outstanding,” says Miele sales representative Bill Dodd. “We wanted to expand our line of products to offer customers a complete line-up of Miele appliances for their kitchens. Our goal was to create something different and better.”

Miele Refrigerator exterior

Miele’s refrigerators offer several innovative features, including the MasterCool control system, the ClearView lighting system, and the RemoteVision monitoring system. MasterCool is a food-driven menu system that sets the proper temperature and humidity for the type of food in each of four separate cooling zones. ClearView provides halogen-based lighting from the top and sides of the interior so that even normally dark areas are illuminated. RemoteVision uses wireless local area network (WLAN) technology to connect with Miele’s monitoring center to provide temperature and performance data, which can then be used to notify an owner about any potential maintenance requirements.

Miele Refrigerator interior

“This is a high-quality appliance from one of Europe’s top manufacturers,” says Abt sales manager Joe Klett. “Its temperature control system offers flexibility and is very easy to operate. It also helps to keep food fresh for a longer period of time.”

To see the complete line of Miele products available at Abt, click here.       —by Graham W.

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