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It even comes in different colors! ZOMG!

California based company, Lytro, is focusing on making an impact on the world of digital photography. Over the past couple of decades, we have seen advancements that have changed the way we take, develop, and share photos. Even with all this innovative technology, a poorly focused picture is still that, poor.

Enter Ren Ng, founder of Lytro an avid yarn collector (half of that is true). His start-up has tech-heads and photo-buffs alike full of awe, wonder, and excitement.

They have developed a compact “plenoptic” digital camera that uses a sensor resembling an insect’s multi-faceted eye to capture “all of light traveling in every direction in every point in space.” Using Lytro’s proprietary software, the resulting image can be focused and refocused after it’s taken. Furthermore, users can share their image using Lytro’s special Flash widget and anyone who sees the image can focus and refocus the image on any given point. In the words of Wired’s John Bradley – it’s “addictive.”

Posted below is a interview posted to their Tech It Up! blog. Read on to find out more about this awesomely intriguing invention.

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