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The New Apple Watch Series 3: Cellular Built-In

The Apple Watch Series 3 is a game-changer

After a brief description of some of the features coming to watchOS, including some improved heart-monitoring functionality, Apple COO Jeff Williams made the first major announcement of the Apple Special Event. The new Apple Watch Series 3 was unveiled, and it was a big way to start the event: packed into the wrist-worn device is full cellular LTE functionality. That means that you can now perform most of the functions that your iPhone was handling (with the Apple Watch 1 or 2 simply mirroring and controlling those phone functions on its own screen), directly on the Apple Watch 3 itself. So you can make phone calls, video chat, or even stream music directly through the just the Apple Watch.

Leave the phone at home when you go for a run or a quick trip to the store. It’s easy to get over-hyped about a new Apple product refresh, but building cellular into the Apple Watch itself is a major change that absolutely secures the product as the most advanced smart watch available. It’s going to be very interesting to see how competing manufacturers respond.

Other improvements to the Apple Watch Series 3 include a new dual-core CPU that promises a 70 percent boost in performance and a W2 chip, the newest version of Apple’s wireless audio processor. To fit full cellular connectivity into such a tiny package, Apple engineers figured out a way to turn the watch display into the antenna, and an electronic SIM takes the place of the traditional nano-SIM card, which would have been too large. The event demonstration promised the ability to video-chat with another Apple Watch 3 user, with crystal clear audio and video. Definitely excited about this one.

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