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New Abt Electronic Billboard Flashes Tollway Drivers

People have mixed feelings about tollways. On the down side, there’s the constant construction and the crazy drivers—oh, and that thing about having to pay tolls. On the up side, you (usually) can get where you want to go much quicker than if you took the side streets.

Abt Electronic Billboard close-up

Abt is located near the I-294 tollway, which makes it convenient for customers from all over the Chicagoland area to visit our store. To keep our customers up to date—and to inform people who somehow have been kept in the dark about our store’s existence or location—we have constructed a new electronic billboard that faces the tollway. It provides the latest information on in-store special events and sales to people in the estimated 250,000 cars that pass by the sign’s location each day.

Abt Electronic Billboard far shot

“We decided to build an electronic billboard because we wanted the ability to quickly and easily change our messages,” said Abt building manager Bob Taylor. “With the construction on Milwaukee Avenue (where Abt is located) and the 294 tollway, this sign also gives us the chance to provide our customers with new directions to the store if necessary. We wanted to have a sign that’s on the cutting edge, like our store, and this electronic billboard fits the bill.”     —by Graham W.

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