New 4GB iPod Shuffle Has Unique VoiceOver Feature

Apple released a new version of its iPod shuffle today, which features a taller, slimmer design and a 4GB capacity. That means it can hold up to 1,000 songs, or twice as many as the previous generation’s 2GB model.

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The new 4GB iPod shuffle

The biggest change, however, is the new VoiceOver feature that can tell you what song is playing, who the artist is, and even the names of your playlists to help you navigate your music. Instead of a control wheel, the navigation and volume controls are located on the earbud cord, which helps to reduce the size of the new iPod shuffle to 1.8 inches tall and 0.3 inches thin. That’s smaller than a AA battery or the typical house key.

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VoiceOver also provides status information, such as battery life, which Apple says is about 10 hours. When you press the earphone button, the music volume decreases slightly as VoiceOver gives you the information you need. The iPod shuffle’s case is still made of anodized aluminum, but the clip has changed and is now forged in stainless steel.

The new iPod shuffle sells for $79 and is available in silver or black. We should have them in stock in about a week.     —by Graham W.

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