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New 2018 4K TVs: Sony X900F and Samsung Q9FN

This is the time of year that the new TV models start hitting the store shelves, and we got our hands on a couple of 2018’s most anticipated new 4K TVs. The Sony X900F LED TVs and Samsung Q9FN QLED TVs make major updates to two of last year’s best-selling displays. We’re excited to see 4K technology continue to improve, with even brighter colors and clearer pictures. Check out the videos to see the what’s new in each of those 4K TV’s updated product lines. Carl will walk you through the different features and pros and cons of each model. Have any questions about these or other TVs? Ask in the comments and we’ll find you an answer!

Sony X900F 4K LED TV Overview:

Samsung Q9FN 4K QLED TV Overview:

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