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Need Some Graduation Gift Ideas?

Selecting the perfect graduation gift isn’t easy, so like we recently did for our Mother’s Day gift ideas, we’ve asked some of our co-workers to offer suggestions on what they’re planning to give or what they’d like to receive.

“As a soon to be college graduate, I would love a 24″ Apple iMac,” says Diane H. “With 4GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive, I could do all of my web and design work quickly without having to worry about slowing down my computer. I’d also recommend the Brenthaven Switch MB Vintage & Runway Laptop Case. It has plenty of space for a laptop as well as all of your books and supplies, so it’s perfect for students going on to college.”

Apple 24″ iMac Desktop Computer

Samantha D. says, “If I were to pick out something as my graduation gift, it would be a home theater system to go along with my plasma TV, like the Onkyo HT-S3200 5.1 Channel Home Theater System. Since I’ll have a lot more time not doing homework, I’ll be able enjoy more movies and video games. If I were to give someone a gift, it would be a snazzy dress watch, like the Tissot T-Trend Generosi-T Women’s Watch. That way, if they were going on a job interview, it would complete the outfit.”

Tissot T-Trend Generosi-T Women’s Watch

Web merchandising manager Ken A. says, “After years of determination to obtain a second bachelor’s degree, I will finally be finished, and graduation is just around the corner. For my efforts, I think I deserve a reward—ok, maybe a few. Since I had no social life for 3 years, I would like a Tumi duffel bag so I can take a trip and gather my thoughts and enjoy life once again. I’d like to take along an Apple MacBook —even though I don’t have any more papers to write, I still want it to keep in touch with friends and family while on my trip via email and video chat… oh, and to watch movies, too.”

Oakley ROKR PRO Sunglasses

“I would want to preserve the memories of my excursion, so a Sony Cyber-Shot Digital Camera would be a great gift to receive,” adds Ken. “Lastly, I’d like Oakley ROKR PRO Sunglasses, because where I plan to go will be sunny, and with these sunglasses I could also listen to my tunes via Bluetooth from my iPod touch. Yes, I know these gifts are a bit on the pricey side, but hey, so were my classes.”

by Graham W.

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