NBC Weekend Web Show Will Feature Abt

Chicago’s NBC Channel 5 recently recorded two segments featuring Abt’s Apple Store manager Josh Davis for the station’s Weekend Web program, which presents the latest news on Web-related topics and technology. In the first segment, Josh talked about the new 17-inch MacBook Pro laptop and the latest version of the iPod Shuffle, while the second one covered Apple’s iLife ’09 software. Both segments are tentatively scheduled to air this Saturday and Sunday.

“The hosts, Art Norman and Charlie Wojciechowski, have a ton of energy, and it’s really fun to be in the studio with them,” says Josh. “They are really in tune with the newest technology, and they get really excited by it. It’s pretty interesting to see all the dynamics that go into running a TV show and all the people that are involved in putting it all together.”

Keep an eye out for more appearances by Josh on the Weekend Web. It looks like Art and Charlie have found a kindred technology spirit.     —by Graham W.

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