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Movie Marathon Ideas: Creating a Cozy Home Theater Setup

A woman sitting on a couch with a mug of hot cocoa having a movie marathon with a TV, candles and Halloween decorations.

As the temperature cools and the leaves change, we can finally say hello to autumn. With Halloween around the corner, it’s the perfect season for a night in and a good movie marathon. Whether you’re watching family favorites or something scary, creating a cozy atmosphere, along with a high-quality viewing setup, will definitely get you in the spooky mood. So here are our home theater recommendations for binge-watchers and Halloween fanatics alike. 

Build The Ultimate Home Theater Experience

When you’re setting up your living room for a movie marathon, the first decision to make is how to physically screen your content. The two most popular choices are typically TVs and projectors. While both devices provide great displays for movies, we find that projectors more closely replicate the classic theater experience. They can also make your movie marathon feel more special and nostalgic. Projectors like the Epson Home Cinema 4010 are easy to set up in any room, as you can use them wirelessly. This projector produces a stunning 4K UHD picture and uses advanced technology to upgrade the resolution of everything you watch. Offering 2400 lumens of white brightness and 2400 lumens of color, your favorite films will be more vibrant than ever. You can even try out the multiple Cinema Modes built-in to the projector for further enhancements.

Pairing your projector with a high-quality screen will only make your film look better. The Stewart Filmscreen Cima Neve 100-inch screen features a low-profile frame for a more finished, stylish look. The surface of this white screen is ultra smooth and, when ambient light can be controlled, offers the widest possible viewing cone. The fabric is held with an adjustable snap attachment, creating perfect tension. Assembly and installation of the screen is also a breeze. But the display is only half of the movie marathon experience. You’ll also need to tackle audio. We suggest adding a speaker set like the Sony High-Performance Home Theater System to your collection. This system uses 360 Spatial Sound Mapping and Dolby Atmos® to create an immersive surround sound experience. Just stream via Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, Chromecast or Apple AirPlay 2. You can also enjoy hands-free control with voice commands through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Open Your Home To Content of All Kinds

Now that you’ve taken care of the screen and sound, you need to pick the perfect movie marathon lineup. The problem is, some users prefer streaming while others prefer physical media. Luckily, Abt offers both options online and in-store. If you’re a fan of the movie selection on services like Netflix, Hulu or Disney Plus, we suggest the Roku Ultra Streaming Media Player. This device is the brand’s fastest model yet, and it includes a rechargeable battery and the option for hands-free controls. Small remotes like this can easily get lost in the nooks and crannies of your couch. That’s why this Roku has a helpful lost remote finder feature. Use this device to stream an expansive collection of free and premium TV in a cinematic way, thanks to Dolby Atmos® sound and Dolby Vision® picture.

If you’re an avid film buff and enjoy collecting physical copies of all your favorites, you may benefit more from the Sony Streaming Blu-ray Disc Player. This device is the best of both worlds, as it can play discs, but also stream from over 300 entertainment services and apps. Even when you’re streaming in HD, you can expect stable and fast Wi-Fi. All Blu-rays will be presented in Full HD 1080p and all DVD content will be upscaled to match. This means even lower-quality media can be upgraded to look fantastic on your projector, improving every movie marathon no matter what film you pick. 

Complete Your Movie Marathon With Binge-Worthy Snacks & Drinks

No autumnal movie marathon is complete without some treats (and tricks). If you have a sweet tooth, we have plenty of sugary options in our candy store. But you can’t forget about the most classic of theater snacks: popcorn. This Lekue Popcorn Maker eliminates the unhealthy factors of pre-packaged microwave popcorn by giving you a simple way to pop corn fresh at home. Just add the kernels to the bowl, put it in the microwave and make up to 10 delicious cups at a time. This bowl is 100% silicone, dishwasher-friendly and collapsible for easy storage. The best part about this product is it gives you the ability to customize your snack by adding any seasoning or toppings you want. Need something to wash it down? Try out these Rabbit freezable beverage glasses. These double-walled glasses have chilling packs that you freeze before drinking to keep your beverage cold. The silicone sleeves on the outside prevent condensation and keep your hands warm. 

With the addition of a few blankets, some candles and a couple of good friends, these products are bound to create the coziest movie marathon yet. Not sure what to watch? Check out our Halloween film recommendations to get some spooky inspiration. If you’re looking to further build out your home entertainment system, Abt has plenty more home theater products to offer. Give our buying guide a read to learn more and become the movie marathon host to beat.  

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