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MK Sound Shows Off Its Speakers At CES

Not all the action at the Consumer Electronic Show took place at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Manufacturers also exhibited their wares at a few other smaller locations, including the Venetian Tower Suites, where MK Sound hosted visitors on the 30th floor to demonstrate the company’s audiophile-quality speakers.

MK Sound was founded in 1974, and is the only manufacturer with more than three decades of experience in designing and manufacturing subwoofers and other high-end loudspeakers. Many of the top professional recording and mastering studio rooms in the music, film, and video fields use MK systems. The Dolphin Group, which includes staff from Abt, was recently appointed exclusive U.S. distributor for MK Sound consumer products, and representatives from our company joined MK Sound executives at the Venetian to show off these incredible speakers to potential customers.

Representatives from MK Sound and Abt meeting with potential customers

If you’d like to upgrade your home audio or home theater system, come in  to see all the MK Sound products available at Abt.  —by Graham W. 

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