Millions of Books, One Little E Reader…

Google opened their archives of books and made them available to all of Sony’s E-reader users via new E-pub software. E-pub is a standardized format that is compatible with most E-readers and desktop software—great for Sony E-readers, but not for Amazon Kindle users… The Kindle is not compatible with E-pub.

E-pub has translated over a million books using optical character recognition (OCR). The OCR technology enables books to be digitally reproduced so that a limitless number of users are able to read books that they otherwise might not have access to.

It gets better than just having access to great books free at your fingertips; any new Sony E-reader user can annotate and highlight text on the reader and can look up words on the Oxford American English Dictionary. Unlike the previous models, the new E-readers work with multiple formats. Now Mac users aren’t left out—the two newest models of the E-reader are fully compatible.

-Kelly B.

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