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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Student Discount

Act now for an exclusive Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Student Discount!

We’ve talked a bit about the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 here before, and that’s because we think it’s one of the most impressive new computer gadgets to come out in recent memory. While tablets have enjoyed increasing popularity since the original iPad first brought them into the spotlight, they’re often subject to complaints about not being as powerful or as useful as a “real computer.” The Surface Pro 3 changes that completely, packing high-end, cutting-edge components like a 2160 x 1440 resolution screen, Intel Core i7 processor and SSD hard drives into a slim tablet body. Billed as a worthy competitor to the Apple MacBook Air, the Surface Pro 3 can go toe-to-toe with some of the most advanced laptops available today. It’s also great for students, the perfect portable yet powerful option for doing class readings or taking notes.

For a limited time, Microsoft is offering college students an instant $150 student discount on all Surface Pro 3 models. That brings the Core i3 model down to just $649! The promotion runs through September 6th, 2014, so you’ve still got a couple weeks to take advantage of it. Just enter a valid .edu email address and you’ll be emailed a coupon code to be used upon checkout at Abt.com. Click on the photo below to go directly to the promo page.

surface pro 3 student discount

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