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Meet the New Victrola Turntable: The Stream

Aluminum and black turntable

In this video, our expert Carl takes a look at the impressive new turntable from Victrola. It looks like turntables are about to make a comeback this season; today we’re learning about one of the most impressive new models on the market. According to Carl, the best aspect of this new Victrola Stream Carbon turntable is the way it syncs with your sound system. This Victrola turntable is designed to pair wirelessly with your SONOS speakers, but you can also use its RCA output to hook it up with other speakers. 

This Victrola turntable’s setup is almost as simple as the sound is impressive. Plug in your turntable and scan the QR code inside the box to download the Victrola app. Then, select the SONOS speaker or speaker group you want your music to issue from, put in a record and let the authentic vinyl music fill your room. Once your Victrola turntable is set up, you’ll also be able to use the knob on the front to adjust the volume and select the SONOS speaker group you want to listen to. As Carl shows us, this Victrola turntable has a sleek minimalistic aluminum and black finish design that will look good in your living room (or any room). So, place this turntable at the center of your home and invite your friends over to admire it. 

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