Meet our Spring 2020 Star Employees

Although Abt is just one store, more than 1500 employees work together to help keep us operating smoothly. From answering customers’ questions during an online chat, to completing one of the thousands of deliveries we perform each week, everyone has a unique role. We are the company we are because each of these employees continuously gives their best efforts. But there are always some on the team that go beyond that, who do much more than would ever be expected of them, simply because they feel it’s the right thing to do. Whether in a customer-facing role or they do it behind the scenes, these are the people that help make Abt an extra special place; these are the Abt Star Employees. Twice a year, we take the time to honor them specifically. The Abt 2020 Star Employees exemplify the best of what makes us who we are.

These four employees have more than 77 combined years of experience at Abt—that’s nearly as long as we’ve existed as a business. They work in four very different departments, but all have the same passion for their work.  Please help us in congratulating the Abt Spring 2020 Star Employees: James, Walter, Debbie, and John.

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