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Meet Our Fall 2021 Star Employees

Abt Star Employees

If we could pick any one word to represent 2021 so far, it would be “change”. From the in-progress addition of our new expanded warehouse to continually in-flux product availability, our team of employees has never been better at rolling with the punches. Some of this year’s changes have been exciting, from new faces joining the team to new announcements and products on the way from favorite tech giants. Other adjustments have presented challenges that our dedicated staff have tackled incredibly well. While our entire staff of 1600 employees was instrumental in getting us this far, some manage to go the extra mile and inspire us all along the way.

Twice a year, Abt acknowledges five-star employees who represent everything that’s great about us, from unbeatable customer service to a  work ethic that inspires others around them. These are the staff members who are always around when someone needs help. They’re always willing to lend a hand, crack a smile or offer advice. Combined, they have almost 50 years of experience here at the store. Please help us in congratulating the fall 2021 Abt Star Employees: Erica, Ray, Peter and Willy.


Abt Star Employees 2021


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