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March Madness Spawns Hi-Def Madness

The usual March Madness experienced by rabid fans of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament is being heightened this year by another form of madness—the fever-inducing desire for an HDTV to take in the full glory and grandeur of this roundball brawl.

According to a survey by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the tournament is expected to spark the sale of approximately one million HDTVs. That figure represents around $1 billion in retail sales, or about the same dollar amount that’s being wagered in office pools across the nation. That’s just a guess of course—people might actually be betting twice that much.

With the tournament just underway, you might have noticed that you’re one of those people suddenly coming down with this double dose of madness. If so, click here for the cure and select from Abt’s huge selection of HDTVs. To do otherwise would truly be madness. Go UCLA!    —by Graham W.

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