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Lower Your Data Usage and Save Some Money!

As more and more aspects of our lives go online, the average user’s data consumption continues to rise. Smartphones with big, beautiful screens and a sea of endless apps mean we’re using up data to watch the news, plan vacations, catch mystical monsters, find our way around town, and do about a billion other things. Years ago, a 5GB monthly limit make have seemed like an untouchable ceiling. Today, you can crash through it in a couple days by streaming a few hours of high-definition movies on the train ride to work. And it’s only going to get worse. A recent report by Swedish telecom company Ericsson predicts that the average North American smartphone user will consume 22GB a month by 2021—about 6x the 2015 average of 3.7GB a month. And while we’re not there yet, it’s never a bad idea to find ways to use less data.

We stopped by the WGN Studios this morning to discuss a few simple tips that could help you limit the amount of mobile data you use, and avoid potentially nasty overage charges.

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