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The LifeProof Nuud: Full Protection for Your iPhone with Revolutionary Screenless Design

The more advanced our cell phones get, the more susceptible to damage they are. The old Nokia 3390 was seemingly indestructible, while an ill-fated drop of your current smartphone might result in a shattered screen, rendering your $500 device useless. Thankfully, accessory manufacturers have stepped up, creating smartphone cases that make your phone waterproof and keep it safe from nasty spills. One thing that often bothers users of protective cases is the add-on screen shield, which often acts as a dust magnet, reduces touchscreen sensitivity or adds glare. LifeProof, makers of some of the best iPhone cases around, has an answer for those folks.

The LifeProof Nuud is a smartphone case that offers the same 4-level protection as the brand’s other cases (waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof and shockproof) but in a slimmer design and with nothing covering the screen. That’s right, there is no screen protector on the LifeProof Nuud, yet you can still submerge your iPhone in up to 2 meters of water for up to an hour.


There’s no longer anything in between you and that gorgeous Retina Display. Now obviously, this means you’ll have to be a bit careful to avoid scratches on your screen, but for some that may be worth it. Others will be happy to know that LifeProof does include an optional screen-protector for that extra level of protection.

Here’s Carl with a quick overview of the LifeProof Nuud:

And if you’re skeptical about LifeProof’s claims, we decided to put them to the test here:

The LifeProof Nuud is available now. Find it here: Buy theLifeProof Nuud.

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