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Liberate Your Music With the Sonos CR200

With a simple touch of your finger, wirelessly access all of the music in your house from Sonos’ multi-room music controller. Simply pick this remote up or touch the LCD screen and you are ready to play music all over your house—without running back and forth to your computer to change Internet radio stations or play-lists.

The Sonos can play music stored on as many as 16 Macs, PCs, Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices on your home network, as well as supporting MP3s and ITunes. It also comes preloaded with internet radio stations and pod-casts. If you are a subscriber to satellite radio or on-line radio stations like Pandora you can access all of that music too.

At a petite 2.9” X 4.5”, Sonos is portable and unobtrusive. It has a motion sensor or is touch screen activated to start. The battery lasts 2-5 days on one two hour charge. This is a great new electronic. Stop by Abt and check it out, or shop Abt online today.

-Kelly B.

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