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LG unleashes double-hinged door for added quick-snacking convenience

As we all know, a fridge is a pivotal piece in having an efficient kitchen.  Over the years manufacturers have taken consumers’ concerns and have designed models to make things more efficient. A variety of styles include, basic side-by-side or a french door fridge with the freezer on the bottom.  LG has pioneered a new design that is going to have a whole lot of new room for your favorite condiments, all while keeping your fridge cool.

LG released the design called a “double-hinged door” which not only opens up to get inside the fridge, but offers consumers a smaller compartment that opens up, revealing sodas, water bottles or condiments. You can easily access the fridge’s deeper contents through the extra door, but this fridge is designed with internal dividers so that the main compartment doesn’t have to be completely opened if you just want to grab a quick snack or other condiment.  This will save on energy as the fridge will stay cool.

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