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LG Transparent Display at CES 2014

While the Consumer Electronics Show encompasses all manner of home and commercial electronic gadgetry, it’s the televisions and other displays that are the star every year, and for good reason. We’re visual creatures, and nothing catches our attention like a big, dazzling display. We’ve seen manufacturers make displays larger, wider, thinner and bendy. They’ve given them picture quality that is 3D, has Ultra High Definition resolution, and even appear to be floating. But one of the more eye-catching, if niche, displays we’ve encountered so far is this transparent display from LG.

As you might gather from the video, LG’s transparent display probably won’t end up in your home. But it could be a fantastic technology for businesses to use for Point-of-Sale displays. Instead of a glass case with an accompanying placard or digital sign, this display tech will let business integrate interactive signage right onto their display cases. You might see something like this on a business window, or even an exhibit at the museum. Who knows, you might even see products at Abt being sold behind a transparent display some day soon.

Panasonic Airtouch Floating Display @ CES 2014
Samsung Bendable LED UHDTV @ CES 2014

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