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LG SM9000 Nanocell 4K TV Review

Over the last few years, LG has carved a name out for itself among home theater enthusiasts as one of the go-to brands for OLED TVs. But while that new technology does produce a staggeringly beautiful picture that usually beats anything else available, there are still plenty of reasons to go with a tried-and-true LED TV. Among them are cost, peak screen brightness, and avoiding worries about potential screen burn-in. So, fans of LG who also want an LED TV will be glad to know that the brand is still putting out higher-end TVs that will meet their needs. In this video, we take a closer look at the new LG SM9000 Nanocell TV (also known as the Nano 9 series). The Nano 9 models feature everything you’d want in a 4K TV: full array local dimming; a brilliant OS with both Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility; support for Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG HDR formats; and much more. Check out the video below to get a closer look and to see what we thought of these new TVs.

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