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YouTube Review: LG C2 Series 4K OLED TV

LG C2 Youtube Review

In this video from our YouTube team, Carl dives into what makes the new LG C2 series a complete upgrade. Like we’ve said in previous posts, this is the time of year when new TV models replace last year’s version, and that means high-tech updates. Carl takes us through all of them, from the LG C2’s lightweight body style to its completely original smart operating system. While visuals astound, a hardware hiccup some might run into is that the stand can be a little tough to attach. If you find yourself getting stuck, we’ve thought of that too. Check out our video on how to assemble and install the LG C2 pedestal or skip the trouble entirely and mount your TV on the wall instead.

Just a few of the highlights include a nearly 50% weight reduction compared to the C1, a noticeable boost in brightness (which isn’t easy to come by in the vast depth of color found in OLED TVs) and its redesigned operating system. While the C1 was an impressive addition to LG’s expanding library of organic light-emitting diode screens, the C2 is certainly an improvement worth investing in. We’d recommend it for sports enthusiasts, gamers and those who are absolute cinephiles. Pair with a well-designed soundbar to take advantage of the Dolby Atmos sound.

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