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LG at CES 2022: Improved OLED Screens & More

LG One:QuickFlex CES 2022

CES 2022 kicked off with a bang with their annual CES Unveiled session on January 3rd, showing off experimental tech and fun inventions. Meanwhile, LG CEO William (Joo Wan) Cho presented some of the newest devices that will be taking the new year by storm from their brand. The LG digital World Premiere featured an expanse of groundbreaking technology, from he ultra-bright AI-powered OLED evo Gallery Edition TV to extra-effective air filters and kitchen appliances.

On the more experimental side? The LG CLOi GuideBot, an AI-fueled guideing robot that drives itself and can give users direction (or provide security). That, and the LG Vision OMNIPOD, a mobile cabin concept that brings users into the metaverse. Follow us as we take a deep dive into LG’s offerings for CES 2022. 

OLED evo Gallery Edition
The LG OLED evo Gallery Edition brings a boost in brightness to classic OLED self-brightened pixels.

As one of the largest names in OLED TV technology, LG has pushed the boundaries of what next-gen TVs can do for years. Their newest television tech goes even further, bringing ultra-bright picture quality into the game. That’s all thanks to an evolution in the individually brightened self-lit pixels from the α9 Gen5 AI Processor. The Brightness Booster’s new increase in light might push LG’s newest screens past competitor technology. One common irritation with past versions of OLED was a slightly lower level of illumination, no matter how hard those self-lit pixels worked. But the Brightness Booster revealed at CES 2022 fuses picture quality with intense color saturation and light for darker blacks and (of course) brighter whites than previously possible.

LG One:QuickFlex

Make video conferencing easy with the LG One:QuickFlex. A 43″ screen comes complete with a camera, microphone and speakers and can pivot horizontally or vertically.

More of a communication device than a classic television, the exciting LG One:QuickFlex is designed to make group and individual remote communication simple. Instead of crowding around a tablet or small screen, users have a full 43″ display at their service. And with the ability to pivot from horizontal mode to vertical, finding a comfortable format is easy. A built-in camera and microphone make this device an all-in-one communication master. It even features touch-pen technology perfect for taking notes and drawing. Chat with family members, set up calls with faraway friends, even use yours to take notes on group projects for work. However you communicate, LG expects us to do it better (and at a larger scale) with the LG One:QuickFlex revealed at CES 2022.

LG PuriCare™ Aero Tower

LG PuriCare™ Aero Tower
The PuriCare™ Aero Tower brings high-tech air filtration to every home. UVnano™ LED and True HEPA filtration work together to kill bacteria, filter allergens and keep your home clean.

Heading into cooler weather and facing a new year of COVID-19, air filtration technologies are still an absolute must. That’s why LG unveiled their ergonomic yet powerful PuriCare Aero Tower. This fan performs two functions at once, both circulating air and purifying it with a true HEPA filter that can capture 99.97% of allergens and dusts. Together with UVnano™ LED and HEPA filtration, this tall fan works to trap, catch and kill some airborne bacterias. Fresh, clean air is then directed throughout the space. Choose between different directions and modalities to send airflow throughout your home.

LG CLOi GuideBot

The CLOi GuideBot, an AI robot designed to help visitors navigate spaces like malls.

One of the more future-forward offerings from LG’s virtual show, the CLOi GuideBot combines security monitoring services with informational abilities and advertising for an AI that can do it all. These robots are designed to roam spaces alongside humans. Perfect for malls, airports and similar areas where users might get lost, the CLOi GuideBot is ready to help. Visitors will see advertisements for nearby shops, easy-to-understand maps, and it can even guide users to their desired locations. That’s the last time you get stuck on the other side of the mall. And at the end of the day, the CLOi GuideBot can patrol and monitor spaces remotely for added safety.


LG’s Vision OMNIPOD concept, a leap into the metaverses (and auto) market with a concept unlike any other.

We saved the wildest one for last. This metaverse-mobile might look somewhat like a van from the outside, but it’s loaded with futuristic tech within. When users step inside, they’re entering an interior coated in screens and comfortable seating. This model is designed to be less of a car that takes you to physical places and more of a home on wheels that lets you experience things digitally. Inside, you’ll find a vertical television featuring Reah, an AI digital guide that can take you through the metaverse. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to switch out physical appliances inside, too. Add a refrigerator or wine cooler to keep champagne at the perfect temperature. Wherever you go, you’ll have the metaverse at your fingertips. 



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