Let Your Fingers Do the Shopping

If you’re reading this, congratulations! You made it through Black Friday without getting trampled, or at least not badly enough to keep you from turning on your computer. There couldn’t be a better day to do just that, because today is Cyber Monday, the internet version of Black Friday. The term was coined a few years ago by, the online division of the National Retail Federation, in recognition of the huge upsurge in internet sales on the Monday following the Thanksgiving weekend.

After recovering from the post-Thanksgiving rush ourselves, we noticed that along with HDTVs, smaller electronics are popular purchases this year. GPS devices have really taken off, with their features growing while their prices are shrinking. Also in demand are digital cameras, iPods, laptops, and video game consoles.

If you haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet, check out our Cyber Monday deals. Now just make sure your boss doesn’t catch you ordering a home theater system for yourself when you should be ordering office supplies.  –by Graham W.

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