Leopard is Finally Spotted

OS X Leopard v10.5 box

Mac OS X Leopard finally leapt out of the Apple tree today and into eager Mac computer owners’ arms. While this cat hasn’t been fully house broken yet, there have been plenty of early reports that it will have your computer purring like a kitten and looking like it’s just been freshly groomed.

As Apple’s first major operating system upgrade since Tiger sprang onto the scene more than two years ago, Leopard comes stuffed with more than 300 new features. The first thing you’ll notice, of course, is the desktop, which cuts down on the clutter by using new file stacks. The Finder now makes browsing your files even easier with the addition of Cover Flow, which shows you each file as a large preview of the file’s first page. Those of you with new iPods are familiar with Cover Flow as a great way to search through your tunes.

Another great new feature is Quick Look, which lets you take a peek at entire files without having to take the time to open each one. There’s also Leopard’s Time Machine, which has created a lot of buzz with its ability to restore your files and even restore your system to the way it looked on any specific day in the past. Like millions of other Mac users, I can’t wait to personally check out these upgrades and the hundreds more that Apple has included.

Before you bag this Leopard, check the specs to make sure your current computer can support this operating system upgrade.

by Graham W.

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    October 28, 2007 at 5:10 pm

    I’m excited about 10.5! The thing that i’m looking foward to the most is the 64 bit apps. According to apple, when you use it you can unlock the real power of the intel chips.

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    October 30, 2007 at 8:33 am

    Love that stacking feature… I was able to finally clean off my desktop. The ability to play any media in the browser is also cool.

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