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Kingston Wi-Drive

You can find them all over the place now. What you ask? Well it is a portable hard drive that will work with my iOS devices including the iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch. Since these drives have come out in the last few months many people have asked, “Why do I need an additional drive if my device already has storage?”  Let me take a moment and answer that question.

I have been using the Kingston Wi-Drive for the last week or so and I also wondered why I need additional storage for my phone myself, until recently.  The other day, I went out of town with three iOS devices and I found the answer: I can have the same movies and music playing across the 3 different devices at the same time.

No more having to worry about syncing both the iPad and the iPod touch to a computer.  This Kingston Application available from the Apple App Store allows me to see everything that is on the Wi-Drive and play it across multiple devices without the files being directly on the device.  So no more worrying about taking time to ensure that every movie is synced to multiple devices. All you need to do is hook up your Wi-Drive to a computer and it acts just like an external hard drive where you can literally just drag and drop files.

How does it work?  The Wi-Drive creates its own wireless network that each of the iOS devices can attach to.  The default is “Wi-Drive” but that can be both changed and encrypted so you can control who you are sharing with. Once I am connected to the Wi-Drive network and I launch the application from my devices I can navigate through the drive and either listen to music, watch a movie, or look at pictures.

Wi-Drive iPhone Screen Shot

Finally the Wi-Drive can create a bridged connection to the Internet using my wireless connection at home.  So that means not only can I share content to multiple devices, but I do not lose my internet connection.

The Kingston Wi-Drive is available in 2 sizes 16GB and 32GB and are both available at

-Chad Taylor

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