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Kicker Car Audio, Now Available at Abt

Why Kicker audio products? Because they are LOUD! The Solo-Baric subwoofer generates more sound than similar size subs from other manufacturers. Due to their design, there is a ton of power handling and the bass is unmatched.

Kicker uses SoloKon, a one piece, injection-molded cone that can push more air and create a louder bass than other same-sized, round subwoofers. Along with the SoloKon enhanced sound, some of Solo-Baric’s outstanding features are the dual high-temp voice coils, a poly-cotton progressive spider, Spiralead tinsel-lead technology, Uniplate pole piece/back plate, and a heat-reducing cut top plate.

Kicker Solo-Baric L7s are now at Abt, in sizes ranging from 8, 10, 12, and 15” models.

So, if you want unparalleled sound, check them out today!

-Kelly B.

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