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If you’re a backyard barbecue guru looking to elevate your art to the next level and move beyond typical cooking methods, it might be time to consider a ceramic grill like those from Kamado Joe. Taking their name from the traditional Japanese cook stove kamado, these backyard cookers offer all of the features and options of a traditional steel barrel grill, with more versatility and the promise of better-tasting grilled or smoked foods.

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A kamado grill’s advantages over traditional grills begins with the thick-walled ceramic construction, which provides superior insulation compared to steel-walled grills. This gives Kamado Joe grills excellent heat retention properties, allowing them to reach and stay at higher temperatures than a normal backyard grill (up to 750° F). Those high temps let you easily put the perfect finishing sear on your meat.


The ceramic walls of a Kamado Joe grill are more than 1.5″ thick, providing excellent heat retention.

The next aspect of kamado grills versatility is their oblong shape, which is not just for aesthetics. By putting the fire at the bottom and the vent directly above, a kamado grill creates a convective environment, much like an indoor oven. So it’s not simply exposure to fire or a hot grate that cooks your foods, but also the even circulation of this super-heated air. Combining this with the high possible temperatures means your Kamado Joe easily doubles as a pizza oven, and even a place to bake other traditionally oven-cooked foods.


The vent atop every Kamado Joe grill is easy to open and lets you fine-tune smoke and heat levels.

Kamado Joe’s upright design, excellent heat retention and continuous airflow also make them excellent for smoking food. Joe’s unique construction helps seal in smoke and moisture, for tender, flavorful foods.


Kamado Joe’s multi-level, modular grate system gives you the freedom to fit multiple racks of food to be smoked or grilled at once, and they’re also perfect for toasting bread or veggies while grilling a steak. A variety of optional cooking surfaces further extends the Joe’s versatility, letting you adapt your grills internals to perfectly match your cooking style.

kamado joe cooking surfaces

Upgrading to a Kamado Joe grill will expand your BBQ playbook without forcing you to adapt to a completely new way of doing things. Because it’s first and foremost a charcoal/wood grill, you can fire it up and cook in ways that are familiar, or jump right in to different cooking methods. To learn more about Kamado Joe grills and get a closer look at the grills’ features, stop by our showroom to see one in the flesh or check out our Kamado Joe grills online.

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