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Just When You Thought HD Couldn’t Get More HD…

Sony XBR-84X900 4k LCD TV

This week at the IFA Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin, 250,000 visitors were treated to the latest and greatest of smart appliances including self-stirring cookware and organic televisions, even a 103-inch 3D TV that doesn’t require glasses, but it was the new 4k television sets that stole the show.LG, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, and Toshiba all unveiled their new 4k sets that display a level of detail that could only be found on a movie screen – until now. The detail is so rich that modern media storage can’t contain the amount of data it takes to render all the details.  The detail is stunning, and viewers can comfortably sit close to the screen. Even from only a few inches away, it’s impossible to discern a single pixel.

4k  resolution is 3,8401 x 2,160 resolution which is four times the resolution of the 1080p HDTVs of today. It’s commonly used in digital cinematography and computer graphics but will be making it’s move to your family room sometime in the future.

While Sony’s model (pictured above) boasts wireless connectivity, 3D compatibility, and 4k content conversion, Panasonic debuted an 8k television set with four times the resolution of 4k and 16 times the resolution of Full HD. How much more detail can we actually handle?

Not everyone is excited about these new TVs.

What do you think? Would you pay $30,000 (estimated) for an 84″ 4k TV if there really isn’t any 4k content yet? Rant and rave in the comments to your heart’s desire.

– Scott H.

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