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Jurassic Park returns to theaters in 3D

“An Adventure 65 million years in the making”

Anyone who was of theater-going age in 1993 most likely saw the blockbuster Jurassic Park on the big screen. I still remember going with my aunt and uncle to the new IMAX theater at Chicago’s Navy Pier. Being only 10 years old, I was already fascinated with everything dinosaurs, so this movie was a big thing for me. I loved the experience and it certainly is one I will never forget. To chase that nostalgia, I will undoubtedly be seeing Jurassic Park again on the big screen with the re-release, this time in 3D!

jurasic park 3d

The movie continued the time-honored tradition of “summer blockbusters.” It captivated audiences of all ages.  To this day, it is still referenced as summer movie perfection. From the thrills, scares and overall ingenuity of the dinosaur creators, Jurassic Park stands the test of time.  You probably even find yourself randomly quoting lines. The last time the power went out at my house during a storm, I found myself thinking, “the raptor fences aren’t out, are they?”

Jurassic Park 3D is another movie that is taking advantage of the popular 3D technology. 3D technology has been advancing so incredibly fast these past few years that you can even enjoy movie theater quality 3D right in your own home with a variety of 3D HDTVs.   The 3D re-release will give audience members a chance to experience the thrills in a brand new technology.  You can even enjoy hearing Jurassic Park, the way it was meant to be heard. From the thunderous roar of the T-Rex, to the frightening hisses and howls of a pack of Velociraptors, find yourself in the middle of it all!

Jurassic Park has had an amazing run the last 20 years (please ignore the sequels).  People’s interest in dinosaurs and paleontology exploded when that movie first arrived, but for the movie industry  it was a giant leap in technological advancements.  The dinos looked and sounded as real as the screams from the audience members who saw them.  So if you are free this weekend, head out to your local theater and share with a younger generation the sounds and sights of one of the the best dinosaur movies to walk the earth.

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