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JL Audio Home Subwoofers Now Available at Abt

For over 40 years, JL Audio has been considered one of the foremost brands in the industry. And though they began as a home audio company and continue to put out some stellar products for home listening, many know the company more for their highly-regarded car audio components. They’ve been one of our favorite mobile brands, with JL Audio speakers and subs finding their way into our Jeep Wrangler and Nissan 370Z project vehicles. So we’re more than happy to have extended our product offerings to include the brand’s home products as well.

If you’re building your dream home theater, add JL Audio subwoofers to your audition list. Their selection runs the gamut of price, features and power, so there’s probably a subwoofer that will fit in with whatever you’re planning.  The Dominion subwoofers are JL’s compact, affordable options. Available in 8-inch and 10-inch models, these little boxes still put out some serious boom thanks to the tech that trickles down from the upper product lines, like Class D amps and JL Audio’s exclusive Dynamic Motor Analysis.

JL Audio Dominion subs let you put big bass in a small space.

If you crave a little more power, step up to the JL Audio E-Sub series. These subwoofers are built to deliver precision sound in the most demanding situations. 10-inch and 12-inch models give you an option for big bass and even bigger bass, while tech like the specially-engineered switching amp and a two-way onboard crossover bring the boom while keeping it crisp and clean. It would be hard to top these Made in the USA subwoofers.

Of course, if you do want to top the E-Sub, JL Audio would be glad to help out. Available in 10-inch, 12-inch and 13.5-inch models the JL Audio Fathom V2 subwoofers are the no-holds-barred, sacrifice nothing solutions to getting maximum bass in your stereo or home theater system. The Fathom focuses on providing high-output bass with non-existent audio distortion, thanks to the extra-powerful switching amp and large toroidal transformer. If your audio system needs the best, a Fathom subwoofer should be on your shortlist.

Visit the Abt showroom to see the entire lineup of JL Audio subwoofers, or contact our audio specialists at 847-544-2307 to get more info on these stellar subwoofers.

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