Jenn-Air® JX3™ Cooktops stand alone with Duct-Free Downdraft option

Imagine an active kitchen in a modern, high-rise condo with a stunning view. Or consider an open, gourmet kitchen with an island cooktop at the heart of the living and entertaining area. In each case, the goal is to preserve open, clean sight lines, yet keep the home free from cooking vapors.

Traditional ventilation options, such as overhead hoods, may be undesirable obstructions in such luxurious settings — or they simply may not be feasible. But Jenn-Air, first in kitchen ventilation and technological innovation for more than 50 years, has introduced a sophisticated engineering solution to this challenge: the world’s only Duct-Free Downdraft cooktop.

JED4536WS in set

Downdraft cooktops pull in cooking vapors (steam, smoke, grease and fumes) by relying on high-velocity airflow near the cooking surface. Because downdraft ventilation is closer to the cooking source, less power is required for greater efficiency—one reason why Jenn-Air® JX3™ Downdraft Cooktops are quieter than competitors’ ventilation hoods.

When it comes to the industry’s only duct-free downdraft cooktop, Jenn-Air provides attractively fresh solutions for cooks who appreciate clean lines and unobstructed views. Using a revolutionary, new filter co-developed by Jenn-Air, smoke, steam and other airborne particles are removed as filtered air returns to the kitchen through the toe kick in the cabinet’s base.

The Jenn-Air® JX3™ Downdraft Cooktops are optimized to offer the ideal balance of cooking and ventilation performance. The premium cooktop comes in both 30- and 36-inch sizes. The gas cooktop features a powerful burner for searing, stir-fry and boiling, and its 36-inch size is an industry exclusive for a gas duct-free downdraft cooktop. Select models of the electric cooktop come with the industry’s only touch control on a downdraft cooktop.

Whether gas or electric, you and your guests will appreciate this innovative option that quietly helps clear the air and preserve clean sight lines.

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    July 15, 2013 at 12:23 pm

    what is this cooktop’s price in canada?

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    July 15, 2013 at 2:09 pm

    Hi Garbo,

    Unfortunately, we are unable to ship outside of the United States. Your best bet is to contact Jenn-Air Canada and have them connect you with a local dealer. Best of luck.

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