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Is It Time To Get A New Computer?

It’s hard to separate yourself from your computer. Chances are, it is filled with photos, movies, songs and more, but sometimes it just can’t keep up with current technology. If you are a stickler for getting the most out of every electronic you buy, here are some suggestions on when enough might be enough for your computer…

If your computer is out of warranty and needs any type of major hardware replacement.  For example a motherboard, screen, video card, etc. Hard drive repairs are traditionally fairly inexpensive.

If you are running an operating system older than Windows XP.  Windows 7 is now out and Windows 8 is due out this fall.  Windows XP is still used by many businesses, however it was released in 2002 so it is very old.

If it is going to be just as expensive to repair your computer as it is to purchase a new computer.  In some cases software and hardware repair can cost just as much as a new computer. In today’s computer industry sometimes it is just better to purchase new, since the cost of technology has come down so much.

If your computer is too old to upgrade to the latest version of the most current operating system. Some older computers cannot handle the advanced features of today’s operating systems.

If you have cracked your LCD screen. In most cases LCD screens and the labor to install them can be considerably expensive.  Screens can run anywhere from $200-$700 depending on the brand and if you use original or aftermarket parts. Labor rates also range from $149 to over $200.

If you have damage to your computer caused by liquid. Liquid damage can be very harmful to computers and cause most components to fail.

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-Chad Taylor

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