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Is a sound bar right for you?

Sound bars make a great addition to any TV selection that doesn’t have an existing audio system.

Fact: Most new flat panels do not sound as good as older tube sets, rear projection sets, or even older flat panels. Thinner TVs mean smaller speakers which translates into less sound.

1. Most flat panels have speakers that aim downward. It makes it tough to understand dialogue. Sound bars fire forward towards the listener. They are also designed to use the walls and the shape of your room to better project sound.

2. Many people are using apps on their TVs to get music (Pandora, Spotify, etc) . Again, TV speakers are not very good, especially for music so to get the best audio quality, a sound bar is a great sounding, affordable option.

3. Simple soundbars are easy to use and connect to the audio output of the TV. Any source plugged into the TV will play through the sound bar.

4. Many have wireless subwoofers so that will make for easy install and gives your home theater a simple, clean look.

Best value: Yamaha YAS101-Built in subwoofer. Requires optical cable from TV.

Best tone and good for music lovers: Energy by Klipsch Power Bar Elite- Wireless sub. Requires optical cable from TV.

Best surround:  Bose Cinemate-Wireless sub, AdaptIQ for room equalization, universal remote. The unit comes with some entry level cables. Ideally, if you want to maximize the performance of the the system, connect an Audiovox OPTFOREST Optical Cable for the best results. Test the two in your own home and witness the difference. *Requires WB135 bracket to hang on a wall.

-Todd S.

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    Sound bars
    August 11, 2014 at 3:03 am

    yah.its assential for every home for watching tv .
    If you love movies and want to have the movie envelop you, I can not recommend this soundbar enough. It is a beautiful soundbar that is going to showcase your entertainment center.

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