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iRobot Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot

Falling leaves are one of the highlights of autumn for nature lovers everywhere, but they’re also the source of a season full of frustration for homeowners. Having to rake up piles of leaves is a minor nuisance, but cleaning gutters is a real ordeal. It’s tedious, tiresome work that can actually be quite dangerous. After a typical autumn rain, you’ll be stuck dealing with soggy rotten leaves that have begun to decompose into a heavy, sticky mess. Looking for an alternative to cleaning your gutters by standing on a rickety ladder, dirty gutter scoop in hand? Consider the iRobot Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot.


The iRobot Looj, from the makers of the Roomba autonomous vacuum cleaners, is a compact device designed to tackle the messy job of cleaning your home’s gutters while you stay safe and comfortable on the ground. Just 3″ wide and less than 2″ tall, the iRobot Looj is a small tool, but it’s built to take on big jobs. Twin treads give it traction in the sloppiest gutters, while the 4-stage auger can bust through clumps of leaves and dirt, lift and throw the refuse from your gutters, then brush clear all of the remaining bits of gunk.

Using the iRobot Looj is simple. Set it down into your gutter at one end of your house, turn it to CLEAN mode and let it rip. Its intelligent sensing system adapts to the debris in your gutter and adjusts its movement to ensure a thorough cleaning. The Looj will run the length of the gutter, then return to you when its done, cleaning a 30-foot section of gutters in just five minutes. If you’ve got a really stubborn spot to deal with, switch the iRobot Looj into manual mode and you can direct it to exactly where you need the extra cleaning power.  The easy-carry handle doubles as a remote control  that lets you communicate with the Looj from up to 50 feet away.


It’s tempting to simply ignore your dirty gutters, but going into winter without cleaning them is a surefire recipe for disaster. Clogged gutters won’t properly direct rain away from your home via downspouts, instead letting it spill over the side, which can lead to foundation seepage or slippery ice patches when the weather turns. And if water sits in your gutters because they’re clogged, the first big freeze can lead to ruptured gutters and a hefty repair bill. With the iRobot Looj on your team, cleaning gutters will be easier than ever.

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