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Internet TV or 3D TV? Fight!!

According to a new survey from Parks Associates, 20% of all U.S. households intend to purchase a new flat-panel television by the end of the year.  The majority of those potential TV buyers are looking to purchase an internet TV over a 3D TV.  “It’s definitely a reflection of consumer sentiment today that is much more highly geared towards connectivity and its practical benefit; that is, greater access to content through services such as Netflix and others,” says Kurt Scherf, VP of Parks Associates.

However, with the two technologies more commonly being combined, people are interested in getting more bang for their buck.  Steve Pawlak from Abt Web Sales mentions, “People are calling more about 3D, but asking if it’s Wi-fi capable at the same time.”

While flat-panel TV sales continue to grow, specific features are really up to the individual customer. What do you prefer?  Internet TV or a 3D TV, or both?

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