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Influence a Healthy Lifestyle with The Right Kitchen Appliances

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The equipment in your kitchen can inspire you and your family to improve your eating habits. As a nation, we’ve become dependent on microwaved ready meals, which is a huge contributor to the obesity crisis. Whether it be innovative gadgets which add a little fun to cooking or useful appliances that make food preparation a lot easier, there are a huge variety of products on the market to choose from.


Healthy eating isn’t just about the types of food you eat, but also the way you cook it. A well known kitchen appliance which was specifically designed for its health benefits is the steamer. A raw food diet is undeniably healthy but incredibly hard to follow, with its far from exciting menu options. The next best option to raw food is steaming. As food never comes into contact with the water in this process, it is the best way to lock in those nutrients that are often lost through other forms of cooking. Steamers also ensure that taste and tenderness is not compromised but instead enhanced through sealing all the goodness in.

Blenders and Juicers

Blenders and juicers are a great way of mixing fruit/vegetables and to create tasty and extremely healthy smoothies and soups. Many people struggle to consume their 5 a day, so this is a quick alternative to eating individual pieces of fruit during the day. Smoothies are extremely expensive to buy in stores, so utilising old fruit that would otherwise go to waste is a great money saving option.


Food slicers are a really handy appliance to have in your kitchen when preparing healthy meals. The process of making a salad or stir fry is somewhat more time consuming than putting a ready meal in the microwave, however small but useful gadgets such as these make the task a lot simpler and efficient. Meaning you’re less likely to reach for those frozen and tasteless frozen meals and opt for a fresh, flavoursome home cooked dish.


Woks are a great item of cookware to use when making certain dishes. Their depth ensures that heat is well circulated around your food and is therefore great for creating quick meals. Non-stick appliances don’t require cooking lubricants such as oil when cooking; ensuring less calorific substances are needed to produce a tasty, well cooked meal that isn’t confined to the bottom of your pan.

Fresh Drinks

Filtration systems are also great to produce purified beverages to wash down your food after dinner. The large jugs are used to get rid of any chemicals that may be lurking in your tap water and can be placed in the fridge to chill; their fresh pure taste will trump a can of pop any day with no negative impact on your figure.

Once you have finished preparing and eating your food, the importance of cleaning all appliances is vital. Getting rid of any grease or residue left over from cooking will ensure that your next meal is as tasty and healthy as the last one. Killing bacteria is also an obvious element to creating the ultimately nourishing food which will benefit your overall health.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be time-consuming; with ranges of various kitchen gadgets you can easily prepare nutritious meals that are irresistible. There are many cookbooks and recipes on Abt.com to help you create tasty yet simple dishes for all the family to enjoy. Tasty, nutritious food doesn’t have to contain a large amount of ingredients or be a hassle to make, so less of the excuses and more exercising a healthier lifestyle!

This guest post was written by Stephanie Staszko who primarily blogs over at Tapshop321 retailers of kitchen taps. She advises any healthy eating enthusiasts to get themselves a dishwasher as washing up after cooking a meal is never full!

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