Inflatable Chicago Bull Rallies Support

Next time you’re on the tollway near our store, or happen to be around back by our small lake, you’ll probably notice a huge red creature with horns and a menacing glare. That would be our inflatable Chicago Bull, who is on display to signify our solidarity with the Chicago Bulls, currently engaged in a tough battle against the Boston Celtics in the NBA playoffs.

Abt and the Bulls frequently team up on promotions, such as our recent 6th Man For A Day contest that awarded two seats on the Bulls bench for the pregame shootaround and two courtside seats for the game. As for the inflatable Bull, don’t let his horns and glare scare you. He’s safely tethered to the ground. Let’s just hope the Bulls’ players are safely untethered and ready to soar to an NBA championship.    —by Graham W.

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