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Indulgent Gadgets for Every Room

The following is a guest post from Stephanie Staszko, a  UK blogger from BathShop321.com. While not written by Abt, we loved the article and wanted to share it with you – our readers.

As technology has evolved, modern homes have become increasingly accustomed to “techy” items. A home without a television or fridge freezer often raises eyebrows, but domestic tech as gone far beyond that. Nowadays, there are so many electronic gadgets to indulge in you could have something geeky for every room of the house. Sound too good to be true? Read on to find out how to create the perfect futuristic home through indulgent gadgetry!


Fitting your home with the coolest and newest technological features is a fast track way to supplying you and your family with modern conveniences and luxuries that any homeowner would love to have.

For those busy bees with fast lifestyles, breakfast time is often rushed. In the kitchen, why not add a convenient coffee/latte maker; it takes only a second to pop in the coffee granules and with the push of a button you have a delicious hot mug of steaming coffee! Perfect for those mornings when you’re running late and far too tired to process the thought of making a coffee by hand!

If you’re a culinary wiz in the kitchen, enhance your cooking experience by bringing some modern cooking gadgets into the room; ice cream makers, high-quality food processers, juicers and smoothie makers can all add to your repertoire of recipes and can produce extremely tasty results. Popcorn makers are a fantastic invention for film buffs and make the perfect finishing touch to that home cinema!


Taking some time to relax in the household bathroom can be extremely therapeutic, both mentally and physically; and by tweaking the space to increase the feeling of luxury, you can enhance the experience tenfold. Wall mounted bathroom TVs are the ultimate indulgence! Expect bath times to increase drastically and nosey neighbours to envy your luxurious bathroom! Combine your bathroom television with a massaging whirlpool bath and you’ve got a spa-like haven in your own home! Whether you don’t want to miss an episode of your favourite soap or would just like to unwind to the radio, bathroom televisions are a step forward in home entertainment.

Living/Communal Areas

More often than not, the living room serves as the main gathering point in most households, so it stands to reason this space should be enhanced with a stylish and modern entertainments station. Top of the range TVs are always a great start when it comes to modernising your system; 3D and ‘smart’ televisions are hugely popular, and rightly so! Watching films and satellite TV stations can be a much more entertaining experience, by simply popping on the view glasses or accessing the internet with the ‘smart TV’ capabilities.

If you’re someone who really loves a film then why not invest in a home cinema system? Get the latest releases and watch them with crystal clear audio and visual qualities. This ties in very nicely with your new popcorn machine you’ve just got for your kitchen!


There’s nothing like unwinding to a film or documentary as you nod off at night, but when you’re that tired you often don’t feel like walking up the stairs to bed! For the ultimately indulgent bedroom experience, consider replacing your bed frame with one which features a built-in television. With the push of a button, a high-quality flat screen television will emerge from the foot of the bed, and tuck away just as quickly once you are finished with it. That means you can nod off whenever you like and not have to worry about the stairs! Just set your television to a “snooze” function so it will automatically turn off after a set amount of time to save electricity.

Gadgets are all around us, whilst some enhance convenience others are there purely for our entertainment. Why not aim to add an indulgent gadget to every room of the house in order to achieve and modern, technological and luxurious home?

What home gadgets could you not live without? Tell us in the comments so we can be jealous of your high-tech indulgence.

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