Incredible Dark Knight Themed Theater Only Costs $2 Million!

One of my favorite parts of our store are the specialized home theaters. I am such a huge fan of movies, that one of my dreams is to have an all-out, super themed home theater in my home. The designers at Elite Home Theater Seating were taken to the task to create a theater with a Batman: The Dark Knight theme. And boy, did they deliver.

Elite Home Theater Seating has posted their theater of the month and it is modeled after The Dark Knight to coincide with the release of Director Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. The concept was designed from a request of an anonymous customer and it is totaled at $2 million.

As you can see from the images, the design is a combination of Wayne Manor and the Bat cave.  When the customer first enters the location, a bust of William Shakespeare is tilted to active a secret door revealing a stainless steel cylindrical elevator, and a fingerprint scan is required to make it work.  Just like Bruce Wayne.  Once down the elevator, the owner will emerge from the elevator into the rear of his Bat Cave theater. There ‘s a wall of bat computers, a fireplace, and the home theater equipment.

Other Batman goodies include gargoyles are perched atop a faux bookcase that slides back to reveal a 15’ replica Tumbler Batmobile, Batman gadget armory, and a secret tunnel leading to another area of the home.  Truly a design fit for any superhero with discerning tastes

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