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I'd Rather Get Punched In The Face

Garmin Approach G5 at Abt

If you are an avid golfer like myself, you’ve had similar thoughts after a challenging round. Sometimes I genuinely feel like I would have had more fun if I’d just paid someone $50 to punch me.  Try as you might, it is darn near impossible to separate how much fun you have from your score.

So what is the solution? Well, lessons, of course.  But barring that, what else?  Most recreational golfers feel like spending hundreds of dollars on new equipment is the key here.  In all honesty, spending $300-$500 on a new driver won’t take a stroke off you game, although you will look cooler! Buying a new set of irons at $500-$1000 will have similar results.  I know the equipment manufacturers would like to argue this point with me, but it really is the pitcher, not the baseball.

So where should that hard sought after golf money go in an effort to reduce your score?  Well, there is simply only one piece of equipment that is almost guaranteed to take strokes off of your game.  And imagine that, Abt happens to carry it! It is the Garmin Approach G5 North America Golf GPS.  Having a range finder when playing is something that once you do, you will never golf without one again.  How many times do you find yourself yelling at your ball, “BE THE RIGHT CLUB!!!!”?  How great would it be to know you already have the right club even before you hit that frustrating little white ball?

Think about it.  For the price of a new driver (which, again, won’t make you score lower), you can almost assuredly take several strokes off your game.

Happy golfing everyone!

Tim S.

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