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HyperSound Clear 500P: Hearing is Believing

One of the most interesting products we’ve recently seen, or rather, heard, is now on display in our showroom. The HyperSound Clear 500P Personal Surround Sound System is an innovative new product that can change the TV-watching experience for viewers who are hard of hearing or those who simply want to enjoy a movie in one room without bothering anyone else in the house. It even has implications for sufferers of chronic tinnitus. Let’s take a closer look.


The HyperSound Clear 500P uses a technology known as directed audio to focus sounds on a single viewer, instead of into an entire space. Think of regular speakers as a light bulb, and the HyperSound speakers as a flashlight—one fills a room with light, the other directs it to narrow spot. So while traditional speakers work best when they can diffuse sound around a large area, the HyperSound Clear 500P’s speakers do the exact opposite. As a result, only the listener in the sweet spot of the audio “beam” will hear sounds at full volume, almost as if they were wearing headphones, while those even just feet away will hear little to nothing. We made a video that will illustrate it a little bit better:

Listening to the HyperSound Clear 500P is a fascinating experience, but some might ask “what’s the point?” or “why not just wear headphones?” By using directed audio technology, HyperSound hopes to combine the best traits of both headphones and traditional speakers while eliminating many of each form’s disadvantages.

One likely scenario is a family who enjoys watching TV together, but has one member who is hard of hearing. Normally, their options would be to turn the TV volume extra loud so the single member could hear well, which would unpleasant for the rest of the family. Or, the individual could wear headphones to provide clear sound, but that isolates them from the rest of the family. Adding a HyperSound Clear 500P lets one viewer get clear, directed audio at a higher volume while the rest of the family enjoys sound from the TV at a moderate level.


HyperSound’s unique technology allows a single user to enjoy volume louder than others in the same room.

Another potential use might be for the parent of an infant.  The HyperSound system can let the parent watch TV at reasonable volume, a volume that might normally wake their child. Yet the parent can still completely hear everything that goes on around them—like a crying child—which is something they would’t be able to do while wearing headphones.

Preliminary studies have shown that listening to the HyperSound Clear 500P can provide a measure of relief for those who suffer from tinnitus. Click here to read the details.

Of course, the HyperSound Clear 500P is a product meant to fulfill a specific need, and so it’s not for everyone. It won’t replace a booming surround sound system. But for those that can take advantage of the special feature that the HyperSound provides, it’s truly a one-of-a-kind product. If you’re local to our showroom in Glenview, Illinois, we recommend stopping by to try it out in person. It’s a product that has to be heard to be fully appreciated, and we’re one of the only retailers in the country with the HyperSound on display.

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