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How to Find Your Owner’s Manual

In this new era of televisions that can order pizza for you and refrigerators that can monitor how old your eggs are, it’s more important than ever to stay educated on all of the functions of your new electronics and appliances. Unfortunately, whether it gets thrown out with the packaging or simply lost to that mysterious netherworld that claims stray socks and your car keys, it’s a common occurrence for product manuals to go missing. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to find a digital copy of the owner’s manual for your product, for those times you can’t locate the original. Here’s how to find your owner’s manual for your TV, kitchen appliance, and more.

First, visit our website Abt.com and search for your product in the search bar.

how to find your owner's manual

Once at the product page, scroll down until you get to the “Downloadable Resources” area on the right-hand side. This section is also where you can find installation instructions and product dimensions, which can help in your shopping process:

Then, find the link titled “Manual.” Depending on the product and manufacturer, it may also be referred to as “Instruction Manual” or “Use & Care Guide.” Click that link, and a new tab will pop up with your owner’s manual, which you can then read on screen or download and print out.

how to find your owner's manual

But what if you can’t find the manual at Abt.com? Perhaps your product has been discontinued or is a particular model that we didn’t sell. If that’s the case, your best bet will be to search the individual manufacturer’s website. And while there’s no one rule that will determine where each brand hosts their manuals, most websites follow certain trends that will make it easy for you to deduce where those manuals are hiding.

First, look for a link titled “Support” or “Customer Service,” or something along those lines. Clicking on the link—or even just mousing over it—will usually lead you to another link for manuals or product documents. Here are screenshots of some major brands’ websites, illustrating how easily you can get to this information:


ge appliance manuals

GE Appliances: From the homepage, mouse over the “Support” link, and then drop-down menu will have a link to “Manuals & Installation Instructions” in the leftmost column.


lg electronics manuals

LG Electronics: Just like GE, mouse over the “Support” link to see the drop-down menu with the “Manuals & Documents” section in the left column.


miele appliance manuals

Miele Appliances: Click the “Customer Service” link, and on the new page you’ll see a “Brochures & Manuals” link.


Viking appliance manuals

Viking Appliances: Clicking on the “Products” link will open a drop-down menu; at the bottom you’ll see the “SPECS & DOCS” link.


Sony: Click the “Support” link, and on the next page you’ll see an icon for “Manuals, Specs and Warranty.”

Many brands will mail you a physical copy of your owner’s manual, if you request one. But we always suggest going for the digital version. Abt is committed to helping the environment in a number of ways, from our onsite recycling center to the newly-installed electric car charging stations But one of the biggest things that we do to stay environmentally friendly is making the extra effort to minimize our paper waste. Instead of paper catalogs or large print runs of fliers, we have turned to our digital newsletter, our social media channels, and our website to promote our products and sales. We also offer emailed receipts to our customers, in place of printed ones. And one more major way to reduce paper waste is to offer digital manuals for our appliances and electronics when possible. By utilizing the digital version of your owner’s manual when your original is lost, you too can join our efforts to better the environment. And if you’re still having trouble locating your manual, please feel free to call our Customer Service department at (888) 228-5800 so that one of our knowledgeable representatives can email the documents to you directly. 

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    Teri Green
    June 23, 2018 at 8:40 pm

    Thanks for the blog post. I was looking for my Viking owner’s manual and couldn’t find it. Guess a digital copy does make a difference.


    Teri Green
    Atlas Biomechanics

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