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How to Choose an Audio Receiver

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Whether you’re looking to build a full-scale home theater with the most immersive surround sound system, or just want a basic stereo system to listen to music, the one piece of equipment you’re absolutely going to need is an audio receiver. The receiver is the brains of any audio system, bridging the gap between your input devices and your speakers. It’s what takes the signal from a radio station, TV broadcast, vinyl album, or any other audio source and turns it into music or sound effects.

There are countless models of audio receivers on the market, and figuring out exactly which one is right for you can take hours of research. And if you’re starting from scratch with little understanding of the basics, doing that research can feel like an unwinnable task. For those just starting on the quest to buying what might be their first serious piece of audio equipment, we made this simple video that will help show you how to choose an audio receiver. If, after you’ve learned the basics, you’d still like some help buying an audio receiver, our sales specialists are more than happy to guide you through the process. You can give them a call at 800-228-5800 or jump on a live chat session to pick their brains.

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