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How Much Do You Love Cable?

Currently, cable, satellite, and Telecomm providers have more than 100 million TV subscribers even with the 800,000 customers who have left their cable providers. Alternatively, consumers are using web-based videos like Hulu, downloadable programming from web sites like iTunes, DVD subscription services like Blockbuster On-Line, and lastly, plain, old, basic cable via external antenna.

Make no mistake; the number of cable, satellite, and Telecomm subscribers dwarfs the number of those who have recently decided to opt for an alternative. It’s estimated; by the end of 2011 the 800,000 will double. As it stands those who have cut the cord, so to speak, only make up one percent of the TV viewing population. We’ve yet to see a widespread move to cutting the cord, so it will be interesting to see if that number grows.

Leaving your TV provider still has a few downfalls, even if it sounds like a seemingly good idea. There are some specialty channels only available on cable, like 24-hour cooking channels, children’s programming, and ESPN. Sure, there’s a limited number of sporting events on basic cable or online, likewise with cooking channels and kid-shows, like The Suite Life of Zach and Cody, but when it comes to live sports, concerts, or Monday Night Football, you will be out of luck. At this point, classic TV providers still have the upper hand.

Is the freedom of programming worth the cable bill? Do you think that it will force a change in costs? What do you think?

-Kelly B.

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