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How Fast Can You Text?

The LG MOBILE WORLDCUP, held yesterday in New York at Gotham Hall, saw a new world record set. “LG wants to highlight how modern mobile phones are helping enrich people’s lives and LG MOBILE WORLDCUP allows us to do that and have fun at the same time,” said Dr. Skott Ahn, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “Today, mobile phones are much more than just communication tools. Customers today are buying mobile phones not just to communicate but also to be entertained.”

13 countries sent teams to the World Championship of Texing. Participating countries include USA, Canada, Indonesia, Portugal, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Mexico, Argentina, Korea, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand. The competition requires contestants to type phrases in their native language on their LG handsets. Texts must be correct, with no typos or abbreviations. The winners are determined on time and accuracy.

The grand prize went to South Korea’s team, the US took second, and the new World Record holder is from Portugal; Pedro Matias typed 264 characters in just 1 minute 59 seconds.

I tried to see how many characters I can type in 1 minute 59 seconds. Unfortunately I was no where close to Pedro (I typed 151 characters); so I guess I will need to practice!

Try the same test and let us know how many characters you can time in less than 2 minutes. Maybe you can represent your country in the next World Championship of Texting!

Text this paragraph and see if you can do it too! Good luck all! I want to win the LG MOBILE WORLD CUP! Contestants in the LG MOBILE WORLD CUP contest should be careful they don’t get carpal tunnel syndrome from texting too much! Could you text two-hundred and sixty-four characters in one minute and fifty-nine seconds?

-Kelly B.

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