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Holiday Shopping Guide: Mophie Hold Force Case for iPhone 7

If you’re looking for some fun stocking stuffers for an iPhone 7 user, the new Mophie Hold Force case and accessories are a great choice. They’re a clever solution to a common problem: sometimes you  want a slim case just to protect against scratches, but sometimes you want your case to do more. The Mophie Hold Force system lets you pick and choose which options you want on your case, and swap them out instantly.


The system starts with the Mophie Base Case, which is an ultra-slim protective polycarbonate case that protects against scratches and the typical light bumps a phone endures on a daily basis. Inside the base case are a pair of staggered magnets that let you snap a variety of accessories onto the back of the case. Carl took a closer look at it in this video:

Once you have the Base Case on, you can one of the accessories, which stays snugly in place during use, but easily comes off when you want to swap for a different add-on. Currently available are the Hold Force Wallet, which adds a small pocket with enough room to hold a few credit cards, ID and some cash; the Hold Force Folio, which gives you a folding front cover with integrated card slots; and the Hold Force Powerstation Plus Mini, an external battery pack that gives enough juice for an entire full recharge of your iPhone 7. The simple interface also presumably opens up the possibility of other 3rd-party manufacturers putting out compatible accessories too. Here’s a quick look at the Folio and Wallet add-ons:

If you think the Mophie Hold Force cases are the perfect fit for someone on your list, click through any of the above links to order now!

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